Unfinished Business EP

by Flargin Roots

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A 4-song collection meant to be released on New Years. Originally a concept album, the songs grew increasingly distant from the original material, collected dust for several months and were retooled into this recording.


released April 20, 2013

Flargin Roots- guitars, bass, keyboards, synths, drum machines, percussion, loops and vocals.
Mr. Last- production, backing vocals on track 4
Mel The Tape Recorder- Loops on track 5

All songs composed by Flargin Roots. Track 2 contains a sample of dialogue from, "Sing Along with Mitch", spoken by Mitch Miller.



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Flargin Roots Perry, Georgia

Flargin Roots has retired to his true passion. He currently resides in the wild outback of Kansas, breaking bricks with his face. Flargin Roots best of out 12/14/13

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Track Name: Maddness
Well, we still got dope and guns
And sometimes it's kinda fun.
Staring down those orphaned children.
They wear war paint and chains,
When I think of who they've slain
I'm sure it appears insane
To such an average dame.
I don't mean to be rude, things round here are rather cruel
We'll toughen you up soon, you're not one I want to lose.
You're not one I want to lose.

But doing the same thing,
doing the same thing.
Doing the same thing.
It's Madness
It's Madness.
Track Name: Drinking
I swear we never had that kind of connection
Maybe those corny jokes were a sign of affection.
But when we moved, our souls and shoes
I never noticed that they went in the same direction.

It's a killer of men, don't let'em in.

It's too bad your favorite rappers are dead
No angels singing devils laughing instead
All the boys in blue busy basking in red
They must be lacking the means to an end
And all these acts I'd ask to amend.
Still they try to charge me before it ends.

It's a killer of men, don't let'em in.
Track Name: There Is A Light
Won't you lock me away
I can't bear to wake you from this sleep
You look so sweet
and I must want to believe it's about me.

But I doubt it and that's alright, there is a light.

From a king to a slave, in bed I still rave
I'm worth my salt, on a throw exalt
She says, "If you're drinking alone, it won't be my fault.

But I doubt it, and that's alright, there is a light.